Maps is used to create and display contoured and color-filled maps to represent the value types associated with a broad range of geophysical survey data including MT, CSEM, TDEM, Gravity, Magnetics and Wells. The program can be used to extract and grid both observed and modeled parameters, for example, phase at 10 Hz on the basis of single station MT data, CSEM phase at 5000 m offset, resistivity at 500 m below sea level on the basis of a 3D MT model, resistivity from 1D joint CSEM and MT inversion at 2000m bsl, or pressure at a specific depth extracted from well stations.

Maps provides numerous functions for controlling map gridding and display, for printing, and for constructing the profiles used in many of WinGLink's other modules. The module allows for the simultaneous display of stations from different surveys as well as the construction of integrated maps.


Station data

  • Graphic and worksheet editing of station locations, elevations and values
  • Coordinate conversion, arithmetic operations on values (Add, Log values, etc)

Resistivity - Extraction of parameter values: AMT, MT, CSEM, CSAMT, TDEM, DC

  • Resistivity or total conductance from 1D, 2D or 3D models at constant depth or elevation
  • AMT/MT/CSAMT: apparent resistivity, phase, tipper magnitude and strike, impedance rotation, skew, etc. at constant period
  • Gridding and display maps of extracted values
  • Interactive editing of value maps

Gravity and Magnetics 

  • Bouguer anomalies (simple and complex) at different densities from observed gravity values
  • Calculation of IGRF and magnetic parameters at a given location and date
  • Filtering, derivatives, polynomial fitting
  • Upward and downward continuation, reduction to the pole, pseudo-gravity (from magnetic data), pseudo-magnetic (from gravity)


  • Line and color-filled contour map
  • Interactive color palettes
  • Display of 3D meshes
  • Combination of maps through addition or subtraction
  • Interactive editing of multi-node profiles
  • Graphic construction by projecting stations onto profiles
  • Insert well locations and geometry of deviated wells

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