Interpreted Views

The Interpreted Views and Montage module provides functionality for preparing data for presentation. So-called "documents" can be created for both horizontal and vertical data. Each of these document types may contain any of the data created in the respective WinGLink modules. Thus, the map documents may contain any maps as well as station data; section documents may contain any sections created using the WinGLink section modules. In addition, cultural data, interpretational areas and annotation may be added to each type of document. Once created, documents can be integrated into plates. Here, additional legends and annotation can be added before sending the plates to a printer or file (EMF or CGM).


  • IVM is a program module with extensive functions for preparing data for presentation
  • Create map-type documents, which may contain maps created in the Maps program as well as cultural data, stations, profiles, interpretational areas and annotation
  • Create section-type documents, which may contain sections (grids and meshes) created in WinGLink's sections programs (X-Sections, 2DMT etc), station data, 1D models, cultural data, interpretational areas and annotation
  • Integrate map and section documents into plates, which can be provided with additional legends and annotation before being sent to an installed printer or an EMF or CGM file .

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