The Soundings module is used to display, edit and model individual MT, CSEM, TDEM and DC stations. While the base functionality available for each of these data types is similar, the actual functions differ for each:

MT data:

  • view standard MT parameters, including among others resistivity, phase, polar diagrams, induction arrows, tipper, and strike.
  • edit individual modes (including tipper) at each frequency, swap modes, perform static shifting and stripping, calculate smooth curves.
  • rotate stations using standard methods including principal axis, Zxy max/min, LaTorraca and Torquil-Smith.
  • create Occam and Bostick 1D models. - export EDI files.

CSEM data:

  • View CSEM curves
  • Edit individual curves
  • Rotate data using maximum polarization direction
  • Normalize data
  • Create 1D models
  • Perform sensitivity studies



  • Import from ASCII or Excel files.
  • Editing: masking of bad data and partial/complete shift of curves.
  • Normalization of data to a specific background response or to a specific station.
  • Layered 1D modeling and inversion for a variety of field components.
  • Joint 1D MT and CSEM inversion.
  • Computation of the effect of the “air-wave”.
  • Approximate correction for shallow water conditions.

TDEM/DC data:

  • view curves as resistivity and voltage*; view 1D models. (*TDEM only)
  • mask individual data points.
  • create smooth and layered 1D models.


  • Import from EDI-format files, including coordinate transformation from degrees/minutes to UTM, recalculation of plot parameters from existing impedances or spectra, and rotation of impedances and Hz
  • Apparent resistivity, phase, rotational and QC parameter display
  • Principal axis, La Torraca, Zxymax, min- and fixed-angle decomposition
  • Editing: masking of individual modes at each frequency, static stripping, static shifting; display of TDEM sounding as pseudo-MT curves
  • D+, Sutarno and numerical phase-consistent smoothing
  • Smooth (Bostick and Occam) and layered 1D inversions
  • Display of maps with Zxy and Zxx impedance ellipses, tipper strike, and scaled induction arrow
  • Export to EDI files


  • Editing and 1D inversion (near-field included) using an algorithm which includes source characteristics
  • AMT/MT/CSAMT: apparent resistivity, phase, tipper magnitude and strike, impedance rotation, skew, etc. at constant period


  • Apparent resistivity display, editing, and smoothing; limited editing of sounding parameters (e.g. system delays)
  • Smooth and layered 1D inversion
  • Export soundings to TEM exchange format

DC resistivity

  • Apparent resistivity display, editing, shifting, and smoothing
  • Editing and 1D inversion (smooth and layered) of Schlumberger soundings

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