Several sets of utility programs extend the functionality of the core WinGLink modules. These tools are used for data reduction and processing, data display and file conversion.

Some of these tools are included with the respective core modules, others are available for an additional fee.

MT Tools

Time Series

  • Input: Phoenix V5, Phoenix V5-2000, EMI MT-1, EMI MT-24, Metronix ADU-06
  • Display/plotting of time series channels and power spectra
  • Adaptive filtering

Cascade Decimation, Robust Processing

  • Cascade decimation with or without variance weighting
  • Robust cascade decimation using coherency weighting and sorting
  • Batch processing

Cross-Power Editor

  • Display of apparent resistivity and phase for each cross-power estimate. Mouse selection of estimates for discarding and recalculating parameters.

EDI Utilities

  • Splitting of multi-site EDI files into single-site EDI files.
  • Conversion from Stratagem/Imagem, Zonge AVG, or EMI MT 24-HF impedance files to EDI format.

Data Analysis

  • Spectral impedances and plot parameters archived in EDI format
  • Editing, decomposition, rotation, smoothing (phase, D+), static stripping, static shifting, mode swapping

Gravity Tools

Residual drift correction

  • Imported field data from Scintrex Autograv data files, drift correction; outputs observed gravity values.

TEM Tools


  • Import standard system dump files (Sirotem, Geonics, Zonge)
  • Edit sounding data
  • Merge multiple soundings (with identical sampling rates and delays) onto a single curve
  • Export merged soundings to TEM-format* files (*TEM format is a data exchange format defined by Geosystem for TEM data). TEM-format files can be imported into WinGLink in the main database window.

CSEM Tools

Time Series

  • Input: EMI MMT-24, EMGS Rx2
  • Display of time series
  • Extraction and archival of time-limited segments
  • Filtering and de-spiking
  • Computation of spectra, spectrograms, and cross-correlation.

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