The X-Sections module generates section views from modeled data along a profile for MT, CSEM, TDEM, DC and numerical data associated with wells. While the sections generated for TDEM and DC data are based on 1D models only, for MT data sections can be created from 1D, 2D and 3D models as shown in the example on the right. For CSEM, cross-sections can be created from 1D or 3D models. Any number of sections generated from any of the models available in a given project can be displayed for side by side comparison.

Section generation can be fine-tuned through the adjustment of several gridding parameters. The sections can be further enhanced by displaying station names and symbols as well as well traces, including stratigraphy or other layered data.


  • CSEM: gridded cross-sections based on 1D layered models and sections extracted from 3D CSEM meshes.
  • Display of 1D layered inversion models from MT, CSEM, TDEM, or resistivity soundings.

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