Seismic Inversion Services

Optimize seismic data for better reservoir characterization and modeling

Seismic inversion uses inverse modeling techniques to address acoustic and elastic inversion, rock physics analysis, and reservoir property modeling.

From the outset we contribute specialist reservoir knowledge and skills to the initial project design and modeling, and throughout the data processing and depth imaging phases we ensure that the data are optimized and focused on solving your geophysical objectives. By extending traditional data processing, we provide a wide range of inversion and quantitative interpretation techniques and tools.

We are also closely involved in multiclient projects alongside survey modeling and design, data processing, and depth imaging. We add a wide range of inversion products to the multiclient library, delivering reservoir attributes and quantitative interpretations in industry standard formats, including formats ready for the Petrel E&P platform.

Depth Domain Inversion

AVO Inversion

Joint Inversion

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Reduce Uncertainty with Consistent Illumination

Depth Domain Inversion Services
Depth Domain Inversion Services provide sharper images and better event continuity by performing amplitude inversion directly in the depth domain to correct for illumination effects.
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FWI Accurately Images Complex Reservoir

FWI enhances resolution in velocity model
3D prestack acoustic full-waveform inversion (FWI) uses the two-way wave equation to produce high-resolution velocity models. Visit Full Waveform Inversion Services page