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Designing the highest quality geophysical solutions

Ensuring that you achieve the best return on your investment in seismic acquisition requires navigating rapidly evolving acquisition and data processing techniques to optimize your survey design and modeling. Our team of industry experts is your resource for expert guidance, employing a suite of advanced modeling tools to unlock your imaging challenge and match it with the best acquisition and processing solutions.

Seismic survey consultation tailored to your imaging challenges

At any point during a field’s life cycle you can call on our experts. We can assist from the point of survey conception through to the planning and tendering stages—balancing survey efficiency with the required data quality. Your specific imaging challenges are fully assessed by reviewing the legacy data and delineating acquisition and processing options. For future or ongoing time-lapse programs, we’ll determine the required geometry and monitoring time period toward building a comprehensive acquisition strategy.

In all scenarios, your decision process is supported by the combination of our experience and wide portfolio of modeling tools (including 3D viscoelastic finite-difference modeling). Modeling and analysis approaches used by our experts to investigate and resolve survey and imaging challenges include

  • 1D and surface attribute analysis
  • 3D anisotropic ray tracing
  • Ray and wave equation-based illumination analysis
  • 1D and 2D acoustic and elastic finite difference modeling
  • 3D acoustic and viscoelastic, anisotropic finite difference modeling

4D Survey Planning & Design

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WesternGeco provides technical answers to maximize your investment in seismic acquisition and resolve your reservoir imaging challenges.

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Advanced Techniques Provide Geophysical Solutions

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