Seismic Survey Design & Modeling

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Technical Papers
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2015 Dip or Strike? – Complementing Geophysical Sampling Requirements and Acquisition Efficiency IsoMetrix SEG
Dec 2014 Large Scale Seismic Modelling of the Pre-Carbonate Geology, Offshore Malaysia, a Multidisciplinary Approach - Running the Seismic Method Backwards Enhanced Oil Recovery Coil Shooting IPTC
Oct 2014 Deepwater OBN—Exploiting Data-Processing Possibilities Deep Water SEG
Jun 2014 Evaluating Ocean-Bottom Seismic Acquisition in the North Sea—A Phased Survey Design Case Study EAGE
Oct 2013 First Broadband, Full Azimuth Marine Seismic Survey in Malaysia: Deployment of Two Cutting Edge Acquisition Techniques Coil Shooting SPE
Sep 2013 New Aspects in Seismic Survey Design SEG
Sep 2013 Imaging Black Pond – First Broadband Circular Shooting Survey in Malaysia with Simultaneous Deployment of two Advanced Acquisition Techniques ObliQ, Coil Shooting SEG
Sep 2013 Extended Imaging and Illumination in Wave Migrations SEG
Jun 2013 Illumination Analysis from Coil Survey Design and Acquisition to Coil Processing Solution Coil Shooting EAGE
Jun 2013 Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction from Multimeasurement, Towed Marine Seismic Data and Its Implications for Imaging EAGE
Jun 2013 Survey Design and Modeling Framework for Towed Multimeasurement Seismic Streamer Data EAGE
Mar 2013 Broadband Acquisition - Imaging Below the Shallow Gas Deep Water IsoMetrix Other Society
Nov 2012 Finite Difference Wave-Equation Illumination: A Deep-Water Case Study Deep Water, Exploration SEG
Nov 2012 Imaging Below Shallow Gas with Full Azimuth Acquisition: A Case Study Exploration Coil Shooting, Dual Coil Shooting SEG