Survey Design Workflows & Applications

From basic acquisition parameter optimization to imaging through complex overburden

Our approach to modeling evaluates and optimizes the basic acquisition parameters, integrating advanced technology for application to more complicated challenges. By using illumination studies, we can optimize acquisition geometry where structures and overburden would obscure imaging with conventional approaches. To ensure that our solutions are a perfect fit, we apply synthetic seismic generation and processing in evaluating the power of high-end acquisition and processing templates to image through complex overburden and resolve subtle geological features.

Seismic acquisition evaluation, design, and testing

By evaluating increased azimuth, broadband, and multicomponent acquisition solutions, we can ensure that your objectives will be met and your seismic investment protected. Our survey design service for land, marine, OBC, node, transition zone, 3D vertical seismic profiling (VSP), and electromagnetic acquisition streamlines your operations in terms of time, efficiency, and cost—while reducing risk.

Feasibility studies for simulation-based modeling of 4D responses

We perform 4D seismic feasibility studies for evaluating drilling challenges, planning field seismic experiments to evaluate acquisition and processing parameters, and determining the value of information studies to help quantify risk.

Survey design software and training available

To support these activities, we also provide processing software and associated training courses in survey design and acquisition techniques (land and marine) as well as a broad portfolio of survey design modeling software, including OMNI 3D design software, VISTA desktop seismic data processing software, and the Petrel and Omega platforms.

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