Design & Modeling: Tools

We have a full range of sophisticated software tools that can be used during the design and modeling process. These include high-end data processing technology (Omega seismic data processing software), Petrel software plug-ins, simultaneous inversion (ISIS suite of reservoir characterization technology) and well data editing and analysis (MMRD multi-measurement reservoir definition). In addition, we also use third-party modeling software for specific tasks such as survey planning, layout, and illumination analysis.

Omega Seismic Data Processing Software

Omega seismic data processing software efficiently and accurately processes land, marine, transition zone, and multicomponent 2D, 3D, or 4D seismic data in either time or depth domains.

Petrel E&P Software Platform

Schlumberger modeling and design applications are integrated in Petrel E&P software platform plug-ins.

Multi-Measurement Reservoir Definition (MMRD)

A flexible, integrated, and multifunctional geoscience system for seismically driven reservoir solutions.

Third-party software applications

Industry-standard applications for 2D, 3D, and 4D survey planning, layout, and feasibility analysis.

R&D software

Schlumberger Geosolutions benefits from significant R&D investment enabling development of innovative new software tools, designed specifically to investigate and solve exploration challenges.

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