Vector Seismic

Providing multiclient data for North America unconventional plays

Schlumberger recently acquired Vector Seismic Data Processing Inc., a United States–based company that provides a specialized multiclient data library, data processing services, and reservoir studies for the North America unconventional resources industry. This integration complements our seismic imaging, interpretation, and reservoir characterization expertise, enabling us to provide advanced reservoir knowledge to reduce drilling uncertainty and increase completion efficiency.

Vector High Fidelity

With advanced seismic noise reduction and signal extraction, Vector High Fidelity (VHF) enhances the natural bandwidth of virtually any seismic survey by simultaneously optimizing the signal and frequency content. Application of this technology improves temporal resolution, reduces noise, and extends usable bandwidth for structural interpretation to improve inversion results.

Multiclient Data for Unconventional Plays

The Vector Seismic 2D and 3D multiclient surveys provide high-quality imaging to identify emerging plays and limit risk for exploration operators in unconventional plays.

3D Surveys: North America

South Texas–Western Gulf basin

West Texas–Permian basin

North Dakota–Williston basin

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Enhance Stratigraphic Detail in Seismic Images

Vector High Fidelity Signal Enhancement
Vector High Fidelity (VHF) enhances data by simultaneously optimizing the signal and frequency content.
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