SenTURIAN E&A Well Test Subsea Landing String Electrohydraulic Operating System

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Shut in and disconnect within 15 seconds during deepwater exploration operations

Should extreme weather or other urgent conditions strike during deepwater well testing, the SenTURIAN E&A system provides rapid and reliable shut-in and disconnect within 15 seconds. Once the well closure sequence is initiated at surface, the system secures the well and unlatches, ensuring that hydrocarbons in the landing string are contained. Upon relatch, the system securely reconnects to the well and testing operations can resume.

Efficiency during deepwater well testing

The SenTURIAN E&A system allows for the full operation of the subsea test tree from a dynamically positioned vessel and enables the verification of subsea and downhole equipment functionality and integrity, as well as the monitoring of downhole pressure and temperature when run in conjunction with the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry. Key topside advantages include shorter makeup time, easier maintenance, and reduced footprint.

Compliance with international subsea safety standards

As a member of the SenTURIAN Family of subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating systems, the SenTURIAN E&A system enables compliance with ISO 13628-7 standards by providing electronic redundancy and surface readout for each subsea function.

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