Carbonate Multistage Fracturing

Multistage Fracturing Services provided by StageFRAC completion technology delivers staged hydraulic and acid fracturing of unstimulated zones in the well.

When combined with Schlumberger advanced stimulation fluids, StageFRAC services enhance the ability to place a single, dominant fracture at selected points or produce multiple fractures of greater effective conductivity along the entire wellbore. With this technology multiple fractures can be created in an uncemented completion in one pumping treatment.

To optimize fracturing treatment StimMAP services for hydraulic fracturing monitoring record microseismic activity in real time during the fracturing process to show progressive fracture growth and the subsurface response to pumping variations.

The StimMAP service uses Petrel seismic-to-simulation software to provide accurate characterization of the locations, geometry, and dimensions of a hydraulic fracture system.

Contact fracturing and completion services maximize reservoir contact by offering the most efficient and effective reservoir stimulation service for each well. This portfolio of services offers a wide variety of proven reservoir stimulation technologies; each choice can be enhanced with real-time measurement options.

Fracturing and Completion Services

Maximize reservoir contact by applying the most efficient and effective services for each well.

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