Measurement Integration for Carbonates

Carbonates defy routine petrophysical analysis due to the heterogeneous nature of their pore systems. These mineral species are comparatively unstable and are continuously subjected to multiple stages of dissolution, precipitation, and recrystallization, which obscures any relationships that might have existed between depositional attributes, porosity, and permeability. The challenge, for accurate evaluation, is accounting for reservoir heterogeneity on a multiplicity of scales—of the grain, pores, and texture.

Committed to carbonates, Schlumberger scientists and engineers have developed an interpretation methodology and workflow by integrating a comprehensive suite of petrophysical logging measurements.

This workflow integrates petrophysical data in sequential steps and provides a rapid, robust and comprehensive petrophysical description, including evaluations of lithology, porosity, pore geometry, permeability, petrophysical rock types, fluid saturations, relative permeability, and primary drainage capillary pressure curves.

The workflow is an integrated part of the Carbonate Advisor petrophysics and productivity analysis software, providing a comprehensive evaluation of key properties that describe reservoir storage capacity and flow characteristics. Results are available only hours after data have been acquired from logging tools, enabling critical decisions to be made in a timely manner.

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