Evaluating Field-Wide Variations in Carbonates

 The field-wide porosity and saturation distributions must be understood to estimate the potential production from a carbonate reservoir. Geophysical methods offer a solution, particularly with the introduction of the WesternGeco Q seismic acquisition and process methodology. Its improved imaging resolution has enabled geoscientists and engineers to image and assess large-scale porosity heterogeneity. WesternGeco GeoSolutions experts use an integrated suite of reservoir seismic services inversion software to map these attributes and properties throughout the reservoir.

Q seismic technology also provides the capability to detect fracture swarms and clusters within a reservoir and this knowledge can be used to optimize well locations and borehole trajectories.

CarbonatesQ solutions uses a unique combination of processing, modeling, and visualization techniques to simulate carbonate heterogeneities, providing a more complete understanding of the reservoir and its fluid flow mechanisms.

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Carbonates to the Power of Q

Carbonate characterization unlocked
Carbonate characterization unlocked.