Carbonate Reservoir Modeling—An Integrated Approach

Accurate production and recovery estimation in carbonate reservoirs remains a challenge. The quality of the estimate is a function of how well the carbonate reservoir is modeled, and how well  this model is integrated with the petrophysical and geophysical properties of the rock. Integration of all available data is important in unlocking the secrets of  the reservoir and developing its potential.

Discrete fracture network (DFN) modeling

Developing a naturally fractured reservoir requires an approach that can directly sample the entire reservoir to obtain the best possible understanding of the fracture corridor network and its impact on the fluid flow within the reservoir, including how the dynamic stress regime within the reservoir affects permeability. This can be achieved using an integrated approach of advanced seismic processing and discrete fracture network (DFN) modeling to provide a complete seismic-to-simulation workflow.

Enhanced fracture characterization

We developed the FCM fracture cluster mapping workflow to improve fracture characterization and carbonate reservoir modeling. The FCM workflow employs discontinuity extraction procedures such as Ant Tracking algorithms to automatically extract both fault patches having scales on the order of kilometers and fracture corridors with spatial extents of several hundreds of meters. The complete FCM workflow integrates expert interpretation of seismic data and borehole measurements with geologic modeling, seismic-to-simulation software ,and dynamic reservoir simulation.

Flow modeling

Modeling flow in fractured reservoirs is a challenging task that requires integration of a unique combination of data. The Petrel E&P software platform provides the optimal environment to visualize, analyze, and integrate various data types of varying scale. This data may be direct or indirect indicators of the presence of fractures, which will then be carried on as input parameters for their stochastic distribution. It also supports an iterative workflow, which allows the static description of the fractures to be coupled with the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator.

Integrated support with triple-porosity models provides efficient simulation of naturally fractured reservoirs. In addition, the VISAGE reservoir geomechanics modeling software stress simulator relates rock stress to reservoir properties for better prediction capability.

Carbonate expertise

Our Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services (DCS) provides centers of excellence staffed with experts in the fields of petrophysics, geology, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering—all essential skills for accurate fracture modeling. Using industry-leading evaluation tools such as shared earth modeling, ECLIPSE finite-elementy geomechanics simulator, and PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software, our experts provide you with timely and valuable advice and recommendations.

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