Deepwater Operations

Overview Background

Deepwater activity on the increase

Deepwater exploration and development present a range of challenges, from working environment, defining prospects, constructing wells, to maintaining production and optimizing recovery. A selection of the challenges faced and how Schlumberger helps customers address them follow.

Project Readiness

Define the Prospect

Deepwater Drilling Performance

Reservoir Characterization

Deepwater Completions

Deepwater Production

Managing Geological Risk in Deepwater Operations

Managing Geological Risk in Deepwater Drilling
A selection of recent articles and papers which discuss the challenges of planning for and managing geological risk in deepwater drilling.
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Overcoming Exploration and Drilling Challenges in Deep and Ultradeep Water in the Perdido Fold Belt, Mexico

Ultra Deepwater Drilling Campaign in Mexico, Perdido Fold Belt
Read how the challenges of drilling at 10,000-ft water depth were overcome with innovative solutions—planned and executed using Schlumberger technologies—and processes—fulfilling exploration and drilling objectives.
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