Compartmentalization & Reservoir Connectivity

Monitor and control production via the completion

Intelligent well systems help to increase recovery and address production issues through reconfiguring the completion. Deepwater costs, relatively low recovery rates and well intervention costs make intelligent completions an option to consider.

Intelligent completions include pressure and temperature measurement (often at each zone, remotely available at engineers’ desktops), and remotely actuated downhole flow control valves (FCVs) that can be either on/off or variable.

The ability to continuously monitor flow from a deepwater reservoir, in multiple zones, can help to quickly identify anomalies and enable corrective action if required. Reservoir and production engineers optimize intelligent completions at the design stage. Custom completion workflows combine data from downhole sensors with zonal flow control to enhance production and reservoir management.

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Greatly Reduce CAPEX and Reach Target Faster

Intelligent well completion assembly
After intelligent well systems were installed in a deepwater reservoir offshore Nigeria—where the law specifies individual zones must be isolated and monitored separately—the results exceeded expectations. Visit Downhole Flow Control Valves page