Deepwater Displacement & Completion Fluids

Engineered fluids to enhance producibility

Deepwater displacement fluids

The process of displacing a well from mud to brine is generally considered the beginning of the completion phase of a well. An improperly displaced wellbore leaves behind solids and debris from many sources that will negatively impact the rest of the completion process. The mechanical, chemical, and hydraulic components each play a crucial role in the displacement process. Failing to account for any of these elements will not deliver a cost-effective, trouble-free displacement.

For complex deepwater completions to be successful, each fluid must do a specific job without compromising the effect of other, equally important fluid systems. To enhance ultimate producibility, displacement fluids for each application must be engineered to thoroughly remove drilling fluids without damaging the reservoir.

Deepwater completion fluids

Completion fluids must be designed to overcome temperature- and pressure-related challenges such as crystallization, hydrates, and fluid expansion and compression while maintaining compatibility with the formation and with other fluid systems. Subsea temperatures can cool and change the properties of produced fluids. Temperature cycling can loosen threaded connections and compromise the integrity of cement and elastomer seals.

Aqueous-base or water-miscible insulating packer fluids are custom designed and blended for specific deepwater and ultradeepwater applications and are ideally suited for wells that require thermal protection to maintain produced-liquid quality. They also prevent annular pressure buildup and protect threaded-connection, elastomer-seal, and cement-bond integrity.

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Optimal Engineered Completion Fluids

DEEPCLEAN single-stage displacement additive
For the transition from drilling fluid it is important to deploy the right completion and reservoir drill-in fluids for trouble-free and cost-effective displacement. Visit Completion Systems, Fluids, & Tools page

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