Deepwater Drilling Performance

Ensure optimal well positioning while mitigating risk

To address the complexities of deepwater development, operators need dedicated teams, accurate models, and integrated technologies they can depend on.

From design and planning to execution and evaluation, Schlumberger technology and processes combine to deliver a customized deepwater drilling system that helps you land in the best reservoir section while spending less time to do it.

Maximize Drilling Efficiency

To ensure superior deepwater drilling performance, Schlumberger engineers customize deepwater drilling BHAs with advanced technologies that can include impact-resistant bits, thermally stable drilling fluids, and RSS solutions that deliver complex 3D well profiles while maintaining high ROP.

Enhance Well Placement and Reservoir Description

Deepwater wells often traverse complex geology, target difficult-to-reach reservoir tops, and can be subject to anomalous and uncertain formation pressures. The right combination of predrill models and real-time LWD analysis can enhance reservoir description and well placement.

Improve Wellbore Assurance

Optimizing the drilling system facilitates more efficient drilling as well as higher-quality wellbores, trouble-free casing runs, enhanced cementing operations, and better-quality casing shoes to help you drill the next hole section.

Schlumberger provides the services and technologies required to improve wellbore assurance along with the engineering expertise and real-time analysis capabilities to support timely deepwater decisions.

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