Maximize Drilling Efficiency

Services and technologies that help you increase ROP and footage while reducing NPT and risk

Integrating Schlumberger technologies into fully optimized deepwater drilling solutions can help you achieve superior performance—from drill floor to TD. Our broad portfolio of deepwater technologies includes advanced drill bits that deliver impact resistance with single-run performance, innovative drilling fluids that maintain thermal stability at low temperatures, and rotary steerable systems that deliver complex 3D well profiles without compromising ROP.

Drilling Performance Improvement

Increase your knowledge of downhole conditions to effectively mitigate risk while improving operational efficiency.
OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service

Rotary Steerable Systems

Optimize directional drilling with fully rotating systems that deliver superior hole cleaning while reducing drag and the risk of sticking.
PowerDrive ICE UltraHT RSS | PowerDrive Orbit RSS | PowerDrive vorteX Powered RSS | PowerDrive Xceed Ruggedized RSS | PowerDrive X6 RSS

Measurements While Drilling

Transmit high-quality, real-time logging data at transmission rates quadruple the industry standard.
TeleScope ICE UltraHT MWD Service | TeleScope High-Speed Telemetry-While-Drilling Service

New-Technology Bits

Withstand high-impact formations, complex wellbore strategies, and hostile downhole conditions with specially designed bits that last.
StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bit | PDC Bits with Central Stinger Element

Surface Logging

Extract the maximum value from mud logging with services that provide decision-ready information about well status and drilling performance.
OptiWell Well Construction Performance Service | Isotope Logging

Increase efficiencies and lower costs with customized, engineered solutions that can handle the most demanding deepwater applications.
ULTRADRIL High-Performance Water-Base Drilling Fluid System | PRESSPRO RT Real-Time Downhole Performance Measurement Software

Solids Control and Waste Management Technologies

Maintain fluid integrity, reduce fluid losses, and minimize HSE impact with a complete line of solids control systems and waste management products
MD-2 Dual-Deck Shale Shaker | MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker | Centrifuges | CLEANCUT Cuttings Collection and Transporation System | VERTI-G Cuttings Dryer | Cuttings Reinjection

Managed-Pressure Drilling

Reduce NPT and promote safety while cutting costs with innovative products that mean challenging controlled-pressure drilling needs.
@balance Services

Drilling Tools & Remedial Services

Enhance drilling processes and well intervention efficiency in complex scenarios and conditions.
 Sidetracking Services | TDDirect LD Liner-Drilling Service | Rhino Integrated Borehole Enlargement System

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OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service

optidrill landing
Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling with actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard. Visit OptiDrill Service page

TrackMaster Select Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System

TrackMaster Select Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System
The TrackMaster Select modular whipstock sidetracking system delivers quality, full-gauge windows for exiting steel casing. Visit TrackMaster Select System page