Enhance Deepwater Well Placement and Reservoir Description

Maximize reservoir contact, optimize formation evaluation, and enhance productivity

Deepwater wells often traverse complex geology, target difficult-to-reach reservoirs, and are subject to anomalous and uncertain formation pressures. Schlumberger has the dedicated teams, modeling capabilities, and integrated technologies and workflows are required to address the complexities inherent to developing deepwater assets.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Achieve successful runs in complex deepwater environments with comprehensive six-axis continuous inclination and azimuth measurements for precise well positioning.
PowerDrive Orbit RSS | PowerDrive vorteX Powered RSS | PowerDrive Xceed RSS | PowerDrive X6 RSS | PowerV Drilling RSS

Logging While Drilling

Optimize formation evaluation and geosteering decisions with high-resolution, real-time data.
Reservoir Mapping-While-Drilling | Petrophysics While Drilling | Geology While Drilling | Geomechanics While Drilling | Geophysics While Drilling | Reservoir Engineering While Drilling

Surface Logging

Optimize reservoir mapping, formation evaluation, and geosteering decisions with high-resolution, real-time data.
FLAIR Fluid Logging & Analysis in Real Time | GeoFlex Quantitative Cuttings Analysis and Imaging Service | Isotope Logging

Engineered Drillstring Design

Let Schlumberger engineer an optimal drilling assembly for any deepwater application, including with drillbit designs that account for each element of the BHA.
i-DRILL Engineered Drilling System Design | IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform | DBOS Drillbit Optimization System

Drilling Software

Monitor and predict hydraulics and rheological behavior of drilling fluids in extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments.
VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS Drilling Fluid Simulation Software

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Specially Engineered RSS Drills in Any Environment

PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System
A push-the-bit rotary steerable system with improved drilling performance and precise wellbore positioning.
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Optimize Rigsite Decisions with Near-Real-Time Formation Data

Bring the laboratory to the rigsite to maximize the value of your formation evaluation with the GeoFlex service. Visit GeoFlex Service page