Improve Deepwater Wellbore Assurance

Ensured integrity for more reliable access between the reservoir and surface

Rugged and integrated deepwater drilling systems can help ensure efficient drilling performance as well as higher-quality wellbores, enhanced casing runs, and better cementing operations. Schlumberger provides the services and technologies it takes to improve well integrity along with the engineering expertise and real-time analysis capabilities to support timely deepwater decisions.

Drilling Performance Improvement

Evaluate the quality of the borehole through continuous, high-resolution wellbore curvature in real time.
OptiDrill Real-Time Driling Intelligence Service

Rotary Steerable Systems

Achieve constant steering capabilities while reducing drag and the risk of differential sticking with a suite of fully rotating RSSs.
PowerDrive ICE HPHT RSS | PowerDrive Orbit RSS | PowerDrive vorteX Powered RSS | PowerDrive Xceed Ruggedized RSS | PowerDrive X6 RSS

Logging While Drilling

Benefit from robust compressional and shear slownesses and Stoneley wave data delivered by our advanced sonic-while-drilling services.
SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service | sonicVISION Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Surface Logging

Mitigate the risks of increasingly complex drilling programs and environments with state-of-the-art data acquisition systems.
CLEAR Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Risk Reduction Service | FLAG Fluid Loss and Gain Detection Service | PreVue Pore Pressure Analysis Service


Establish available mud-weight boundaries to more safely drill deepwater wells without costly delays or incidents.
Real-Time Drilling Geomechanics

Drilling Fluid Technologies

Ensure the right well construction choices using innovative wellbore modeling and visualization engineering software.
ULTRADRIL High-Performance Water-Base Drilling Fluid System | i-BOSS Wellbore Strengthening-While-Drilling System | SMART 3D Displacement Strategy

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Assess Downhole Conditions During Well Planning Stages

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS software snapshot
Our integrated suite of VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS ECD and ESD management software are used to evaluate and design critical drilling hydraulics under simulated downhole conditions. Visit VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS ECD and ESD Management Software page

Early Kick Detection for Faster Response Times

Flag well balance assessment service for early kick detection
The Flag service is able to detect fluid influx and losses in the well 5 to 10 minutes faster than conventional systems.
Visit Flag Well Balance Service page