Artificial Lift in Deepwater

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Subsea artificial lift systems

Deepwater lift

Flow boosting and artificial lift are increasingly part of deepwater developments, often necessary for a project to be commercially viable.

Lowering pressure at the sandface can significantly increase production and recovery. Today there are two main options to consider: electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) and subsea multiphase boosting pumps. An approach that integrates reservoir, environment, and infrastructure considerations is necessary.

Subsea lift systems

Subsea lift technologies include a range of ESP systems that meet the demanding needs of deepwater subsea production. The REDA electric submersible pump systems technology has been used in the first subsea wells and is now being adapted to seafloor and caissons, and in combination with other techniques including initial install for running later. In certain situations gas lift can also be a viable option.

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Range of Designs for the Demands of Subsea Production

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Reliable subsea ESP technologies for subsea or deepwater systems.
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Integrated Lifting Solutions for Subsea ESP Systems

Subsea Lift
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