Deepwater Flow Assurance

A comprehensive design for reduced risk of flow assurance problems

Deepwater flow assurance design and operation requires evaluation of all disciplines involved. A thorough consideration of the interactions between the fluid, reservoir, wells, pipelines, surface facilities, and the surrounding environment is essential.

Flow assurance places an emphasis on evaluating potential production problems along the path from the reservoir formation to the process facility. For example, hydrocarbon solids formation and deposition can adversely affect flow assurance in deepwater production systems. To reduce this particular risk, a systematic approach is required in order to define the thermodynamic and hydrodynamic factors involved.

A combination of fluid sampling, laboratory techniques, and predictive modeling is used for system selection and design of prevention and remediation strategies. Accurate reservoir characteristics and fluid property information is required to optimize the production system design throughout the life of the reservoir.

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Disciplines Unite to Overcome Flow Assurance Challenges

Flow assurance involves multiple disciplines
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