Deepwater Production Geomechanics

Predict the effect of production on the reservoir matrix with deepwater geomechanics

Production and injection affects the levels of subsurface stress during the life of an oil or gas field and can cause severe field development and production challenges such as

  • compaction and subsidence
  • changes in reservoir permeability
  • water breakthrough
  • fault reactivation
  • breaches in caprock integrity.

In the reservoir and the overburden, these geomechanical changes, combined with complex geology, can affect completion stability and cause casing collapse and sanding across the field. Time-lapse, or 4D geomechanical simulation, is critical to understanding and predicting how reservoir properties will change throughout the life of the field.

Support production decisions with a comprehensive, integrated workflow

Steps involved in predicting the effect of production on the reservoir rock matrix involve the integration of 3D surface seismic data, well logs, core data, pore pressure analysis, well test data, and any other relevant information.

Accurate fieldwide stress and strain predictions can be coupled with ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator software to obtain porosity, permeability, and fracture conductivity updates that improve reservoir production history matches.

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