Production Monitoring in Deepwater

Optimal management and recovery of deepwater reserves

Whether continuous or periodic, surveillance of production and associated processes and assets is necessary for optimal management and recovery of deepwater reserves. The combination of open architecture, real-time capabilities, and secure connectivity delivers information when it's needed—in time to make decisions for evolving conditions.

Optimizing production in deepwater environments requires a systematic process. Advanced services and technologies play key roles in ensuring the best possible long-term production plan. Appraising reservoir performance involves measurements at various points following the hydrocarbon path from pore to process facility, while evaluating the gas, oil, and water fractions with a minimum of interference in the production process.

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Identify Inflow Anomalies
and Manage Zonal Flow

Wellwatcher Neon
WellWatcher Neon optoelectric permanent monitoring system provided distributed temperature and pressure measurements to determine inflow from individual zones and help interpret multilayered reservoir behavior.
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