Deepwater Project Readiness

Detailed project preparation reduces deepwater risks
and cost

It is essential that there are no surprises when operations begin, so project readiness, access to competent personnel, service consistency, and commitment to HSE are important factors for an operator to consider.

Global support infrastructure benefits deepwater projects

A global support infrastructure presents essential benefits to remote operations. Local knowledge and local expertise offer significant time and cost savings and can minimize operational risk.

Schlumberger has operations bases all around the world, more than 40 of which are working in or near deepwater development areas, bringing major benefits to operators looking for a technical partner, especially in frontier areas.

Deepwater personnel competence and certification

A Schlumberger global deepwater management team oversees our deepwater certification process by understanding the current competencies of the personnel and developing their proficiency in relevant areas—a rigorous process that ensures only competent, multiskilled, deepwater-certified experts are assigned to deepwater projects.

Positioning for service quality excellence

From project preparation through integration and execution, we implement project startup plans following deepwater-specific processes. Based on an operator’s objectives, we establish plans for safety, equipment, personnel, and technology to ensure project efficiency. We also offer the services of a coordinated project management team to improve interactions between the Schlumberger team, client personnel, and third-party suppliers.

Deepwater People

Offshore Rig Technology

A complete suite of technology to address your deepwater challenges.

Project Preparation

Service Integration

Project Execution

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