Deepwater People

Experience: The key to deepwater project success

As the deepwater market continues to grow, high-risk financial and health, safety, and environment (HSE) exposure stresses the need for an elevated level of service quality and risk-reduction measures. While technology can address the complexities of deepwater projects and the robust associated processes aid in planning, integrating, and executing operations effectively and on time, the key to consistently delivering high-quality services efficiently focuses on the human element that implements these services. The need for competent, multiskilled, certified people to accomplish project goals effectively has never been greater.

Deepwater competence and knowledge management

Our top priority for deepwater-certified personnel is to extend their skill sets and gain experience. The key to fulfilling this priority lies in understanding the current competencies of the personnel and developing their proficiency in various software or technical tools that will be used to provide the services. This continual process is so important that we have established a global deepwater management team to oversee the Schlumberger deepwater certification process.

Deepwater certification delivers the best people for the project

Our unique deepwater certification is a rigorous process that ensures only specially trained, experienced engineers are assigned to deepwater projects. The deepwater certification is a key step toward meeting our goal of delivering excellence in service quality and in project execution at the wellsite. This rigorous process consists of a learning sequence that teaches domain concepts and theories, including technology workshops and hands-on experience, in addition to mentoring, evaluating, and certifying to ensure that the learning goals translate into results on the job.

Matching the best-qualified personnel to the job

We use an interactive system that records and tracks the worldwide Schlumberger deepwater personnel from their first day of employment, mapping expertise and experience by

  • certification
  • training
  • clients
  • rigs
  • services
  • water depths.

This unique tool matches the best-qualified personnel to projects based on individual skill sets and experience rather than on personnel location.

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