Deepwater Project Execution

Safe, seamless, and excellent service delivery

Excellent service delivery in the execution of the well design program is our main driver, but it is equally important that a strong management-of-change culture exists and is supported. The ability to halt the execution phase, understand new parameters, and come to a collective decision on change is fundamental to success. Our onshore expert support for decisions is available 24/7 through Operation Support Center (OSC) facilities. The authorization level required to approve a program change is defined in advance and is based on risk exposure and severity.

Project implementation includes quality tools and processes combined with remote operations support.

Operation Support Center

The Schlumberger OSC is a proven system for remotely monitoring, modeling, and controlling processes. Expert support is available in real time to optimize well construction and testing operations, increase safety, and reduce technical risk. OSC interactive drilling operations comprise real-time monitoring of drilling, logging, cementing, and testing data; a collaborative workspace; and remote operations management.

Domain experts and real time monitoring

To both monitor operations and deliver solid answer products in real time, Schlumberger emphasizes involvement of our experts in domains such as drilling, reservoir, geomechanics, and petrophysics.

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Operation Support Center
Cuts Cost and Saves Time

Operation Support Center
OSC remotely manages operations for directional drilling (DD), MWD, and LWD—resulting in fewer wellsite personnel.
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