Deepwater Project Preparation

Define objectives and identify potential issues before project start

Deepwater project preparation identifies potential operational hazards and allows options for prevention or mitigation to be reviewed. Operational readiness is evaluated and progress tracked. Two Schlumberger tools provide proven methodologies: the project startup guideline and the project-readiness assessment (PRA).

Project-startup guideline

The project-startup guideline defines the steps required for your specific deepwater mobilization. The Guideline guideline encompasses industry standards, regulatory requirements, operator specifications, and Schlumberger QHSE and business line operating standards. Operational aspects include

  • customer communication
  • high-profile project definition
  • specific deepwater project planning
  • equipment and people selection
  • Schlumberger business line and function interaction plan
  • service delivery and remote support
  • incident handling and escalation matrix.

Proactive preparation reduces the potential for NPT and increases efficiency and safety of operations. Proven quality processes such as our Hazard Analysis and Risk Control Standard (HARC) and Drill the Well on Paper (DWOP) can play an important role in the preparation phase.

Project-readiness assessment

The PRA tool incorporates a worksheet that addresses four main areas:

  • risk exposure
  • complexity and processes
  • people and competency
  • technology and equipment.

From the information provided on the worksheet, a numerical score (or PRA index) is plotted on a readiness matrix. Taking proactive remedial actions before project startup improves the score.

The PRA tool is used to both assess and monitor the preparation phase of a project. Progress of remedial work plans can be tracked, management awareness monitored, and suitable mitigation options applied. The result is a significant reduction in the chance of unplanned events. This process can also reduce NPT and operating costs.

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Project Readiness
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Project-Readiness Assessment
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