Drill Cuttings Management, Fluids Processing & Pressure Control Equipment

Unmatched solids removal to optimize drilling performance

M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, designs, manufactures, and operates a complete line of advanced balanced elliptical and linear-motion shakers for all onshore and offshore applications. Whether used as scalping, primary, or standalone units, our highcapacity shale shakers deliver unmatched solids removal.

All of our shakers are available for purchase or rental. We pioneered the design of shakers to occupy minimal rig space, but deliver the muscle to handle high solids volume. In high ROP applications, our shakers keep solids at bay, allowing your active drilling fluid to perform at peak efficiency.

Specialists at M-I SWACO have put decades of experience, expertise, and field-proven technical performance into developing a line of drilling chokes that have become the industry standard for the most demanding and specialized offshore and onshore applications. Our chokes are uniquely designed for a range of highly pressure-sensitive applications, including managed pressure drilling (MPD), underbalanced drilling (UBD), coiled-tubing (CT), frac-plug drillout, frac flowback, ECD control, H2S applications, well control, and cleanup operations.

Pressure Control Products

Technologies for safe and efficient drilling & monitoring in sour gas and high-pressure environments.

Solids Control & Cuttings Solutions for Deepwater

Equipment and services that remove solids to maintain drilling fluid integrity and manage drill cuttings.

Deepwater Fluids Handling

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