Deepwater Fluids Handling

Advanced techniques for drilling and production waste remediation

M-I SWACO has redefined fluids processing with an integrated suite of technologies that optimize cost-effective performance while reducing the fluid waste stream. Our portfolio encompasses fully-customized mud mixing technologies, including the HI-RIDE educator unit and the HI-SIDE blender unit for in-line dilution.

Setting the standard for safe and efficient drilling performance, we offer the closed-loop PRESSURE & FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM coiled tubing application technology that automatically controls pressure and removes solids and gas from the drilling fluid.

At the end of the process, our ATC automatic tank-cleaning technology and strategically located ENVIROUNIT  offshore water treatment system provide safer, ultraefficient recovery and recycling of liquid waste streams.


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Solids Control, Cuttings Management & Fluids Processing Catalog
In addition to customized solutions for dealing with the high volumes of waste solids and fluids produced while drilling, we offer a proactive approach to reduce consumption of resources and increase their reuse. Download catalog