SUPERCHOKE Drilling Choke

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Reliable 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi chokes for pressure control during transition operations

The advanced SUPERCHOKE drilling choke is one of the industry’s most widely used pressure control innovations. It delivers easy and precise well pressure control during transition operations, such as mud pump start-up or shut-down. The SUPERCHOKE drilling choke is equally effective when mud and gas are flowing alternately through the choke. It is precision engineered for precise well control under harsh and demanding conditions and manufactured for hydrogen sulfide service and abrasive fluid applications.

Innovative design for precise control

A unique choke design helps provide precise control. Heavy duty diamond lapped tungsten carbide plates are honed to a flatness measured by light bands and feature unique half-moon shaped orifices. Rotation of the actuator fork allows precise control of the opening size from full open to full close. Positive closure includes a 17° dead band overlap beyond the full close position designed to ensure closure even if the plates become worn from extended exposure to abrasive laden fluid flow. Pressure drops or surges will not affect the quality of the seal in the plate-to-plate design. In fact, the seal improves under pressure.

Versatile methods of operation

Ideal for onshore and offshore applications with controls either remote or on-site, the SUPERCHOKE drilling choke has three methods of operation that ensure reliability during the most challenging circumstances. During normal mode, activation is rig air-operated. If air is lost, manual activation is available with the hydraulic pump located on a remote control skid. In the event that hydraulic lines are severed, activation is done manually with the bar provided on the choke indicator head.

Long lasting service

The SUPERCHOKE drilling choke includes tungsten carbide wear sleeves that increase in-service life. Extended wear sleeves are available to absorb the effects of abrasive downstream turbulence especially during underbalanced drilling operations.

Reliable pressure control performance

The SUPERCHOKE drilling choke delivers precise, reliable pressure control from remote or on-site consoles that provide effective control in a wide range of temperatures and pressures, eliminate leakage and simplify predictable casing and drillpipe pressure control.

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