VERSA-CHOKE Drilling Choke

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A highly-flexible design for high end-pressure management during MPD, UBD, frac plug drill-outs and frac flowback and well control

The 5K (345 bar), 10K (689 bar) and 15K (1,034 bar) VERSA-CHOKE is engineered for advanced well-control applications that require a large orifice and functionality within high-pressure and high-temperature drilling environments. With an API P-X temperature rating of -20°F to 350°F, this drilling choke can take the heat.

Position-based and controlled by a specially designed hydraulically driven worm-gear actuator for precise movement

The VERSA-CHOKE utilizes a hydraulic actuator, either worm-gear or piston-style, which connects to and controls movement of its internal trim components. An axially moving gate engages a stationary seat which creates an annular orifice that varies in area as the gate moves in and out from the seat. This simple mechanism ensures precise and reliable pressure control across a wide range of drilling conditions.

Unique design facilitates easy maintenance

Unique to the modular VERSA-CHOKE is its capacity to easily “hot swap” the actuator without having to disassemble any internal components. Also, its reversible trim can be changed from 1½ to 2 or 3 inches by only changing a few internal components. These features significantly improve choke operation and reduce maintenance time and costs.

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VERSA-CHOKE modular drilling choke technology
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