Surface Logging Equipment

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Geoservices, a Schlumberger company, is the industry leader in surface logging services, focusing on drilling performance, wellbore quality, and surface formation evaluation. As deepwater and other increasingly complex drilling programs become more common, the extent of possible risks grows. Modern rigs require more sophisticated mud logging equipment to mitigate such risks and provide real-time data on drilling performance and wellbore stability.

Using our state-of-the-art data acquisition systems, we deliver services that provide decision-ready information about well status and drilling performance, helping you to drill better wells—safely and efficiently.

CLEAR Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Risk Reduction Service

Enhance hole-cleaning effectiveness and monitor borehole stability through accurate measurement and analysis of cuttings recovered from the well.

FLAG Fluid Loss & Gain Detection Service

Detect fluid influx and loss in the wellbore faster and more reliably, enabling prompt intervention to minimize the time necessary for any remedial action.

Combined Services Unit

ST2 & ST3 Surface Logging Units

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