Combined Services Unit

Combine multiple disciplines in a single unit

The fully equipped Combined Services unit serves as an office, laboratory, and data processing center.  It provides a single location for collating and analyzing geological data acquired while drilling, as well as surface and downhole drilling parameters.

With room for six full-time operatives, the Combined Services unit is capable of housing, for example, a mud logger, data engineer, directional driller, LWD engineer, FLAIR analyst, and a pore pressure specialist—all in the same unit. With both downhole and surface measurement specialists sharing the same work space, communication is greatly improved. Data can be relayed to the customer’s computer stations on location or to remote offices via a communications link.

Adaptable design to suit extreme conditions

The unit’s purpose-built, climate-controlled environment is suitable for both onshore or offshore deployment. It is also pressurized, enabling operations in hazardous, potentially explosive environments. Construction may be adapted to specific local conditions, including extreme cold, heliportable rigs, tropical forests, and deserts.

Additional features of the Combined Services unit include the following:

  • Separate workstations and laboratory equipment
  • Three independent air-conditioning systems
  • High-quality secured electrical circuit
  • Heating modules and drying oven
  • Secured chemical storage
  • Sample-processing equipment
  • Shutdown control system

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