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Testing and measurement services downhole or at the surface

Combining field-proven testing experience with reservoir-domain expertise, our teams work with you to prove reservoir potential, confirm well performance, and improve field productivity.

Schlumberger testing specialists support testing equipment sales through Kuala Lumpur, and technical issues are supported with the assistance of our asset base in Singapore. Technologies manufactured in Singapore include Schlumberger burner booms, which have been proven in all types of environment with many decades of successful service. Our burner booms have short delivery times and can be selected as part of a package to suit particular conditions.

Modular Compact Well Test System

Simplifies the sea fastening process with optimized packaging and a state-of-the-art locking system.

Surface Safety Valve

The surface safety valve (SSV) is a hydraulically actuated fail-safe gate valve for testing oil and gas wells with high flow rates (>8,000 bbl/d [>1,280 m3/d] or 30,000,000 ft3/d [>850,000 m3/d]), high pressures (>5,000 psi [>34 MPa]), or for detecting H2S.

Floor Choke Manifold

The floor choke manifold (FMF) consists of four manual valves, or five if a bypass valve is included. It includes a variable choke box, fixed choke box, and several pressure or sampling ports and thermo-wells to monitor pressure, temperature, and fluid characteristics.

Steam-Heat Exchanger

Steam-heat exchangers are used to raise the temperature of the well’s effluents to prevent hydrate formation, reduce viscosity, and break down emulsions for efficient separation of oil and water.

Conventional Horizontal Separator

The conventional horizontal separator is designed to separate well effluent into three phases for offshore well testing. It can operate as a stand-alone unit or in combination with the PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment with Vx multiphase well testing technology, reducing dependency on the separation process for high-quality flow measurements.

Vertical Surge Tank

The vertical surge tank (VST) H2S service vessel is designed to store liquid hydrocarbons after separation. It is used to measure liquid flow rates and the combined shrinkage and meter factor.

High-Efficiency Burners

The Green Dragon high-efficiency burner provides clean disposal of the oil produced during well testing. This burner consists of pneumatic actuators on the oil and air valves with pneumatic control panel for high-efficiency burning and rotation control.

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Modular Compact Systems that Require 50% Less Rig Up Time and 40% Less Deck Space

Modular Compact Well Test System
Schlumberger modular compact well test systems can help you efficiently achieve your test objectives with less rig-up time and deck space required while ensuring reliable, repeatable results. Visit Modular Compact Well Test System page