Wireline Logging Equipment

Integrated conveyance systems extend access and reduce risk in deep water

Schlumberger deepwater and ultradeepwater integrated wireline conveyance systems expand your data acquisition capabilities while providing unprecedented improvements in safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance. Fully compliant with all relevant international offshore regulations, the 22,000-lbf wireline pulling capability minimizes operational and HSE risk.

Seamless wireline setup during deepwater rig construction, movement, or on arrival to location is delivered by our Houston, France, and Singapore teams of rig installation experts.

Reengineering wireline conveyance to fully integrate all system components—from the surface equipment through the cable—provides a complete conveyance solution for the deepwater environment.

High-Tension Offshore Data-Acquisition Unit

The OSU-PA is a heavy-duty modular offshore unit, capable of pulling up to 18,000 lbf with drum capacity for 33,000 ft of TuffLINE 18000 cable or standard high-strength cable.

Dual-Drum Capstan Tension Relief 

For operations exceeding 10,000-lbf surface logging tension that are not using TuffLINE cable, the dual-drum capstan unit is compatible with the OSU-PA for tensions up to 24,000 lbf at winch speeds up to 30,000 ft/h.

Wireline High-Tension Conveyance System

Torque-Balanced Composite Wireline Cable

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