TuffLINE Torque-Balanced Composite Wireline Cable

Torque-balanced, crush-resistant composite cable mitigates high-tension risk and improves safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance

The concerns posed by the challenging conditions of deepwater and ultradeepwater wells are many: high tension, tool sticking, high temperatures, and the electrical power and telemetry requirements of long, heavy toolstrings. TuffLINE 18000 and 26000 composite cables uniquely integrate polymer-locked armors to effectively manage what are otherwise the fundamental limitations of conventional armored cables.

Unprecedented breaking strength

Because polymer locking the armors prevents rotation, TuffLINE cable is effectively in a permanently ends-fixed situation, which raises the ends-free breaking strength to 27,000 lbf for TuffLINE 18000 cable and in excess of 40,000 lbf for TuffLINE 26000 cable. An offshore unit using TuffLINE cable can provide instantaneous pull of up to 18,000 lbf for stick prevention and mitigation without a capstan. If operating conditions will result in tension exceeding 18,000 lbf, the unit can be interfaced with a capstan rated to 24,000-lbf pull capacity with TuffLINE 18000 cable or 26,000 lbf with TuffLINE 26000 cable. Multiple high-tension operations can be conducted, including cycling and jarring, without compromising cable integrity.

Crush-proof cable core

At tension higher than 8,000 lbf, conventional cable spooling on the drum leads to cable core crushing that causes the cumulative, irreversible process of cold flow and multiple short circuits. Additional risks are cable flattening, bending of the wireline drum flange, and crushing of the drum core. The multilayered core of TuffLINE 18000 cable is crush proof. Cold flow and the permanent deformation it causes are further prevented by the polymer locking of the armors. Spooling tensions of 13,000 lbf and higher are possible without requiring the use of a tension-relief capstan or having to resort to drillpipe conveyance.

High capacity, high temperature

Unlike standard high-strength cables, TuffLINE 18000 cable has 18 AWG gauge conductors and TuffLINE 26000 cable has industry-leading 16 AWG gauge conductors to enable the reliable conveyance of tool combinations longer than 175 ft and at 4,000 lbf in well depths exceeding 40,000 ft. Combining tools greatly reduces the number of descents in the well, saving an average of 12 h or more per trip on a deepwater rig. TuffLINE 18000 and 26000 cables are suitable for the hot reservoirs of deepwater operations, with an operating temperature rating of 465 degF.

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No Sticking at >10,000-lbf Tension Without Capstan

TuffLINE 18000 torquebalanced, crush-proof composite cable is for operations with up to 18,000-lbf tension.
Four days of deepwater rig time were saved by completing full wireline data acquisition for a deepwater Mediterranean well in a record 3 days while simplifying logistics and reducing risk. Read case study

TuffLINE 18000 Cable’s Polymer Shield Prevents Cold Flow

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