TuffLINE Torque-Balanced Composite Wireline Cable

TuffLINE 18000 Cable Delivers Higher Breaking Strength, Safe Working Load, and Cable Crush Limit

TuffLINE cable safety margin

TuffLINE 18000 cable offers numerous advantages over conventional high-strength cable that is similarly rated at 28,000-lbf breaking strength. TuffLINE 18000 cable will not break until 27,000-lbf tension (ends free) is attained, whereas the conventional high-strength cable can break at only 21,500 lbf. The safe working load of the standard high-strength cable is 14,000 lbf, 4,000 lbf less than that of TuffLINE 18000 cable. For conventional cable, crushing cold flow of the core occurs at about 10,000 lbf, whereas TuffLINE 18000 cable can spool up to 16,000 lbf without crushing or requiring use of a capstan tension-relief system.

No Sticking at >10,000-lbf Tension Without Capstan

TuffLINE 18000 torquebalanced, crush-proof composite cable is for operations with up to 18,000-lbf tension.
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TuffLINE 18000 Cable’s Polymer Shield Prevents Cold Flow

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