Wireline High-Tension Conveyance System

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System integration expands wireline high-tension capabilities for unprecedented improvements in safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance

Reengineering wireline conveyance to fully integrate all system components—from the surface equipment through the cable—provides a complete conveyance solution for every possible well environment, especially for high-tension operations in ultradeepwater, extended-reach, and complex trajectory wells.

New TuffLINE 26000 composite cable deployed with integrated capstan control on the OSU-N offshore unit provides seamless operations at tensions up to 26,000 lbf and speeds up to 15,000 ft/h.

Configuring conveyance for your well conditions

The wireline high-tension conveyance system is customized for both high-tension and routine operations by using the advanced Well Conveyance Planner to forecast logging tensions, provide design recommendations for the optimal conveyance configuration, and determine the associated risk. Components can include

  • TuffLINE 18000 and TuffLINE 26000 torque-balanced composite cables
  • 18,000-lbf-rated OSU-PA, OSU-PB, and MONU-B offshore units
  • OSU-N offshore unit with capstan pull capacity to 26,000 lbf
  • SureLOC 12000 cable release device
  • WellSKATE low-friction well conveyance accessories
  • UltraTRAC and UltraTRAC Mono all-terrain wireline tractors.

The result is a completely integrated wireline conveyance system that ensures risk minimization, helps prevent tool sticking, and provides tools to reduce high fishing NPT.

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