Illuminate Complex Structures

Deeper water means deeper and obscured targets

The quest for new reserves is taking operators into deeper waters, deeper targets, and frontier areas like East Africa, East Timor, and Greenland. Deeper targets are often hidden below complex salt structures such as those found in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and West Africa, or in sub-basalt hydrocarbon traps, such as the deepwater prospects offshore India.

Complex salt structures require advanced imaging

Targets obscured by overlying dense and complex structures require seismic acquisition technologies that can illuminate through or under these obstructions.

In the presence of salt bodies, it is important to map their shape and boundary locations to optimize drilling plans should the prospect appear viable. This also includes accurate mapping of structural dip and geological fault closures below these overburden features for the selection of drilling locations.

Steeply dipping submarine sediments accumulated in deepwater delta settings require well-planned acquisition geometries for accurate imaging.

Technology improvements enable seismic imaging to reveal more

Continuous improvement in seismic technology is delivering increasingly broader bandwidth data. The data enable more accurate structural images of the subsurface and more reliable inversion to reveal indicators of rock properties.

Seismic data acquired from more than one direction, from longer offsets or using three-component acquisition technology are illuminating structures that standard surveys find hard to image, such as carbonate rocks or laminated sands below salt and basalt formations. Coil Shooting single-vessel full azimuth acquisition geometries take the concept further, recording data from a wide range of directions.

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Defining Complex Structures and Prospects

Defining Complex Structures and Prospects
A selection of recent articles and papers which discuss reservoir characterization technologies, workflows and software to reduce the uncertainty of exploration.
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Full-Azimuth Seismic Acquisition Geometries Reveal More

Single vessel full-azimuth (FAZ) acquisition
Improved seismic techniques are better able to illuminate complex structures under deep water using a greater range of azimuths and offsets.

Statistical Software Manages Uncertainties

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