Deepwater Seismic Interpretation

Precise, unified seismic interpretation

Precise deepwater seismic interpretation is fundamental to successful drilling of oil and gas wells in deep water. First evaluations of overburden and layer thicknesses in conjunction with seismic velocities are key to predicting pore pressures. Correct estimates of seismic velocities and map contouring techniques in deep water are essential to achieving ideal vertical and deviated well locations and for the placement of horizontal wells in the event of subsequent reservoir development.

Integrated approach illuminates carbonate heterogeneities

Carbonate reservoirs present specific challenges. Most carbonate reservoirs have a dual character of matrix and fractures, making their production potential difficult to assess. The matrix provides the main hydrocarbon storage capacity, while the fractures provide the principal flow conduits. A unique combination of processing, modeling, and visualization techniques help to simulate carbonate heterogeneities.

The Petrel E&P software platform provides an interpretation environment unified with geology, reservoir modeling, and reservoir engineering domains.

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Seismic Interpretation
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