Deepwater Reservoir Characterization

Understanding the Reservoir

The primary goal of deepwater reservoir studies is to answer essential questions concerning structure, reservoir extent, compartmentalization, formation quality, and producibility. Petrophysical and geological measurements can be made while drilling to get an early understanding of the reservoir and to plan further detailed data acquisition and sampling programs on wireline.

Petroleum System Evaluation

Evaluate Reservoir Quality

Establish Compartmentalization

Characterize Reservoir Fluids

Flow Testing

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Single-Run "Mega-Combo" LWD/MWD Improves Formation Evaluation Offshore Angola

Integrated Approach Delivers GOM Subsalt Well for PEMEX
Measurements were integrated and used for real-time drilling parameter optimization and formation evaluation, supporting critical decisions.
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Complete Volumetric Analysis Reveals Pay Zones in Sand-Shale Sequences

The proVISION Plus MR log helps characterize two additional laminated sand–shale sequences.Data showing thin-bed analysis in a deepwater sandstone reservoir.
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