Deepwater Petroleum System Evaluation

A complete record of the evolution of your deepwater petroleum system

Petroleum systems modeling includes uncertainty and risk evaluation which is critical to economic decision analysis, planning and reserves management. Schlumberger provides software and services that integrate relevant technical information with economic planning for business decision making.

To evaluate potential reservoir performance and probability of success, it is necessary to include all physical aspects including time and charge to quantify and analyze processes and reduce exploration risk.

Prospect-, basin-, and region-wide reservoir evaluation

The PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software produces a model of basin evolution through geologic time using seismic and well data, including geologic knowledge of the area or of a similar analog area.

Petroleum systems models are 1D, 2D, or 3D large-scale geologic models. These models cover areas ranging from a single charge area for a prospect, to regional studies of entire basins, to resource assessments of mega-regional scale covering multiple basins.

The models provide a complete record of the evolution of a petroleum system, including pressure and temperature hi​story. They relate the structural evolution of a basin to generation, migration, accumulation, and loss of oil and gas in a petroleum system through geologic time. Properties such as gas/oil ratios and API gravities can be analyzed, understood, and predicted.

A petroleum systems model provides the only means to integrate all physical aspects (source, trap, seal, and reservoir) and time (charge) to quantify and analyze processes and reduce exploration risk.

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Modeling Software Improves Prospect Evaluation

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