Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

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The Importance of EOR

Improving recovery with steps to full-field EOR projects

The global average recovery factor for a typical oilfield is approximately 40%. This results in a large amount of identified oil left behind despite an existing production infrastructure. The need to improve the recovery factor and the accelerating of the associated production is the main driver behind the many EOR schemes in practice around the world.

Accelerating the recovery of more oil

The challenge to EOR lies in the complex interaction of injected agents with the existing reservoir fluids in an ever-changing downhole environment. Many of these challenges are well known from the development of the field. The difficulty is ensuring the proper chemical interaction and subsequent flow conformance of the EOR sweep front to recover more oil, more quickly. Making the right parametric decisions regarding a chosen EOR technique, while evaluating dynamic economic conditions, compounds these complex challenges.

Taking measurements that solve recovery problems

To ensure successful long-term recovery, engineers and geoscientists use earth models, numerical simulators, pilot studies, and sophisticated monitoring tools to make the best decisions. A dynamic reservoir model, using the full-field model built from the initial development plan, is constantly updated with the latest monitoring data acquired from surface seismic, single well logs, and inter-well data. It is the application of this collective knowledge of accurate reservoir data coupled with detailed production history that leads to the best decisions for these complex EOR problems.

EOR Screening

Pilot Projects

Full-Field Implementation

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Integrated Fast Track EOR Implementation
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