Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

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Technical Papers
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2014 Innovative Integration of Seismic and Reservoir Simulation Modeling with Drilling and LWD Measurements to Manage Development Risk in Complex Channel Reservoirs - Opening Opportunities to Redevelop Mature Field in Bohai Bay, China Enhanced Oil Recovery PeriScope SPE
Mar 2014 Cement Evaluation of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Casing for EOR Observation Enhanced Oil Recovery Isolation Scanner SPE
Apr 2014 Monitoring Chemical EOR Processes Enhanced Oil Recovery SEG
May 2014 Gas Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery Application in a Mature Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoir Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE
Jul 2013 Making EOR an Integral Part of the Redevelopment Strategy of a Matured Offshore Oilfield Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE
Mar 2013 Best Practices and Application of Integrated Fit for Purpose Technologies to Revitalise High Water Cut Mature Fields—A Case History from Offshore South China Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE
Mar 2013 Unlocking the Potential of Complex Marginal Reservoir in Highly Mature Oil Field, XiJiang24 South China Sea Enhanced Oil Recovery IPTC
Mar 2013 Development Optimisation of a Marginal Oil Field in Bohai Bay China - Integrated Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Offshore Horizontal Well Construction Enhanced Oil Recovery IPTC
Nov 2013 Feasibility Study of Gas Reinjection in Giant Carbonate Reservoir in the Middle East—EOR Application in a Green Field (Case Study) Enhanced Oil Recovery, Carbonates Other Society
Nov 2013 WAG‐CO2 EOR Horizontal Wells Pilot Surveillance at a Giant Abu Dhabi Oil Field: First‐of‐a‐Kind 3D Monitoring Plan Using DeepLook Electromagnetics (DLEM) Enhanced Oil Recovery DeepLook-EM Other Society
Mar 2013 A Proactive Approach Towards Optimising Drainhole Placement Using "DTB" Technology in an Area Under EOR - A Success Story from Western Onshore Field, India Enhanced Oil Recovery, Unconventional Resources, Heavy Oil, Real-Time Operations IPTC