Monitoring & flow assurance play an important role in EOR production

The advanced techniques used in EOR projects still suffer from common production challenges, such as lack of pressure maintenance, sand management, flow assurance, and conformance control. As the reservoir depletes, the impact of the common issues becomes greater and they need to be mitigated and managed—or even prevented—in the context of the ongoing EOR project.


The Avocet production operations software platform allows you to see, understand and act to hit all of your production targets.


Your partner in production for new and mature field development through long term production incentive based commercial agreements.

Permanent Monitoring

Discrete and distributed measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate, strain, vibration, shape, flow, fluid density, and fluid properties provide powerful tools for monitoring downhole conditions and managing oil and gas reservoirs.

Wireline Monitoring

Crosswell electromagnetic imaging expands the scale of resistivity logging from the near-wellbore environment to reservoir monitoring, directly measuring formation resistivity in wells up to 1,000 m apart.

Produced Water Management

Comprehensive single-source portfolio of produced water management solutions.

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Developing & Comanaging Long-Term Asset Agreements

EOR project management for long term
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