Reducing Cycle Time

Defined processes & advanced technologies reduce time to sanctioned EOR project delivery

Cycle time from screening to full-field EOR can be cut by new workflows that have developed from global experience. New recovery technologies using old ways of working can easily become “science projects”—technical successes that do not justify the full-field stage. Schlumberger EOR services follow a staged process, combining new technology with a robust workflow that significantly compresses the pilot phase leading to a greater conversation of sanctioned EOR projects.

EOR concepts & screening

Screening with quality reservoir and fluid-property measurements reduces risk by eliminating inefficient methods and focusing on good candidate options. Modern sample analysis laboratories can deliver in weeks a detailed understanding of the interactions between rocks and fluids: the heart of EOR processes. The physical measurement of rock and fluid properties provides the foundation of digital simulations at all scales, from pore to reservoir.

Pilot design & evaluation

Micropilot evaluations provide rapid, in situ measurements using proven wellbore-scale formation tester technology. By combining small-scale data with local reservoir description, key insights are obtained into controlling parameters. Combining wellsite services and project management with an integrated approach to lab studies, design, implementation, operation, surveillance, and proof of concept leads to full-field EOR development in parallel with early pilot expansion.

Rapid full-field expansion of EOR projects

Pilot results upgrade reservoir characterization and provide greater certainty for full-field implementation, including well patterns, injection and production facility sizing, and phasing of build-up. Continuous balancing is required—a comprehensive monitoring scheme assists in selecting the best trade-off between maximizing recovery and minimizing costs and risks.

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A Roadmap for EOR Optimization and Technologies

EOR roadmap
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